First Round Events


09-10. Janv. 2020


- Sorry for the Inconvenience

Immerse yourself in the midst of a confrontation between a people and its government. The fire and energy of rage courses through the bodies of five actors of different nationalities. In these clashes, where speach is gagged and protest is violently repressed. Can the violence of a people become lefitimate?

Length 1h. 

Centre Paris Anim' Les Halles

6 place carrée 75001, Paris



Journée Portes Ouvertes

Join us on December 1st for our first JOURNÉE PORTES OUVERTES

at Théâtre de Verre.

Théâtre de Verre

12 Rue Henri Ribière 75019, Paris

18 Rue Ramus 75020 Paris, France TEL: (+33) 06 80 10 45 03 EMAIL:

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