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Arthur DUMAS

Theater maker, Actor, Professor

About Arthur

Arthur began his performance career in France as a young actor in the theater company Le Théâtre du Sycomore. Upon graduating from a drama school in the suburbs of Paris in 2007 he worked professionally for 7 years with several theatre companies touring contemporary, classical and educational shows in France and across Europe.


In 2013 he expanded his career into film and television.

Arthur has  recently finished two years at the international theatre school Jacques Lecoq, graduating in 2017.

From then he continues his career with his main passion of theatre, and co-founded The Klump Company. He joined the Maltese theatre company Teatru Triptiku and is currently working on two new shows in France : Pays de malheur! (Cie les Papavéracées) and Le cas Mastorna (La Cabine Leslie)

18 Rue Ramus 75020 Paris, France TEL: (+33) 06 80 10 45 03 EMAIL: 1stround.icp@gmail.com

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